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Post from: TheGloss

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Question by stripedmic: What is the best way to go from jet black hair (my natural hair color) to medium brown?
I’ve never dyed my hair before and I want my hair all-around brown (no streaks or highlights). Would it be best to bleach my hair then color it? Or is there [...]

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Question by Ulric Von Bek: Does anyone have any idea why Yannick Bisson wears so much eye-liner in Murdoch Mysteries?

Hey Ulric Von Bek,
Ulric Von Bek It was what the director wanted.

~ Don ~

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Question by tkdxdancer: How do I make a necklace out of a 223 round?
I’d really like to have it not go off due to heat or anything while it’s around my neck, lol. Any advice or suggestions?

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Question by kristalrhea: Does anyone know where I can find swimsuit bottoms that are low rise minimum coverage shorts? ?
I have a variety of little hot short (boy short) panties that would make PERFECT bikini bottoms. I am trying to find swimsuit bottoms that are the same. The problem that I [...]

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Question by get up girl: What should a girl with brown hair and brown eyes dye her hair?
I am trying to help my best friend think up a new look for her 13th birthday and she wants to dye her hair anything but black. Please help me!

Hey get up girl,
keep [...]

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